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Amber Lamps collection   (as presentation) , see pricelist here

Amber Imitation Lamps collection  (as presentation), see pricelist here

("Amber Imitation" :  Resin with Amber Particles)

Offered lamps of amber are work of art: shapes - from traditional to nature inspired (animal-shaped) and mythology inspired (nymphs, sirens).

Amber Lamp

How to buy

 We accept cheque / bank draft / postal order payment. 

Send the cheque / bank draft / postal order to us:

Amber Goods
4 Glenbarry,
Rathcormac Co. Cork

On the cheque write "Account payee only".
When we receive your payment, we'll post you your order.


Retail pricing for Ireland-based customers - see the collections. Foreign customers need to pay for shipment from Ireland.

Discount 10% for orders over 4000 Euro. 

Delivery time scale - about 4 weeks.

Wholesale customers - payment in 2 weeks after delivery. 

For orders above 500 Euro a deposit may be required.  

Please also contact for more info on orders, payment/delivery conditions and special deals. 

Download Order Form

Amber Lamps pricelist

small photo link

photo link - MS IE only 


LA25/31/9  LA25/31/9  95.00
LA30/35/9 LA30/35/9 124.00
LA12/24/8 LA12/24/8 124.00
LA18/31/10 LA18/31/10 190.00
LA18/37/12 LA18/37/12 220.00
LA14/31/10 LA14/31/10 200.00
LA25/44/13 LA25/44/13 230.00
LA25/52/15 LA25/52/15 256.00
LA12/31/9 LA12/31/9 272.00
LA21/39/12 LA21/39/12 300.00
LA12/34/Lady LA12/34/Lady 350.00
LA14/35/10 LA14/35/10 355.00
LA17/18/Snail LA17/18/Snail 355.00
LA14/31/10 LA14/31/10 370.00
LA30/H LA30/H 375.00
LA40/H LA40/H 380.00
LA30/52/20 LA30/52/20 405.00
LA40/59/20 LA40/59/20 410.00
LA40/59/20/1 LA40/59/20/1 420.00
LA18/43/12 LA18/43/12 435.00
LA18/42/13/Siren LA18/42/13/Siren 435.00
LA18/49/Eagle LA18/49/Eagle 495.00
LA40/59/20/2 LA40/59/20/2 515.00
LA40/59/20/3 LA40/59/20/3 530.00
LA25/52/13 LA25/52/13 560.00
LA40/59/20/4 LA40/59/20/4 565.00
LA40/59/20/5 LA40/59/20/5 575.00
LA27/35/16 LA27/35/16 595.00
LA18/43/12/1 LA18/43/12/1 605.00
LA18/49/Eagle/1 LA18/49/Eagle/1 620.00
LA40/64/20/Nymph LA40/64/20/Nymph 780.00
LA40/58/16 LA40/58/16 930.00
LA36/52/20 LA36/52/20 1,400.00
LA50/76/26 LA50/76/26 1,970.00

Amber Imitation Lamps pricelist

small photo link photo link - MS IE only 


LR12/30/9 LR12/30/9 156.00
LR12/31/9 LR12/31/9 170.00
LR18/30/9 LR18/30/9 174.00
LR17/31/11 LR17/31/11 224.00
LR25/37/13 LR25/37/13 228.00
LR17/33/12 LR17/33/12 250.00
LR25/38/12 LR25/38/12 260.00
LR17/40/13 LR17/40/13 280.00
LR25/47/16 LR25/47/16 295.00
LR37/H LR37/H 320.00
LR25/47/16/1 LR25/47/16/1 330.00
LR37/49/18 LR37/49/18 360.00
LR37/59/20 LR37/59/20 415.00
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